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Tennis4Toddlers is the fun, ideal introduction to tennis for young children, teaching early tennis skills and first strokes.

Creator of T4T is top LTA coach Paul Barton who with over twenty years of international coaching experience has an endless passion for tennis and coaching. His extensive research has led to the development of fun activities and games that are not only the most engaging, but also the best to build the skills needed to go progress on and play tennis.

As children improve their foundation skills and basic strokes they are gradually progressed to the next level which is Mini Tennis Red. Children vary in abilities and we move children up to the Mini Tennis normally when they are 4.5 to 5 years of age. Children’s skills are monitored in class and they receive certificates of T4T stages 1-3 on completion of any course. There is no testing or pressure and children are not made aware of other children’s levels.
It is a pleasure to teach toddlers and see the them developing, one can see the improvement in listening, focus and confidence in just a few sessions. It is also very rewarding to see their personalities build over the weeks as they start to learn and master the basic skills and strokes. The T4T method with it’s fun and innovative ways to teach little ones usually delights the parents who are surprised at what their little ones can achieve.

Parents play a role in T4T too and are always invited to participate in the sessions, playing an active role in their child’s development. Specific parent and toddler sessions, which work really well, the parents learn then how to train their child effectively without the coach, ideal for holidays and extra practice sessions. Other sessions also meet the needs of busy parents and are drop-off, these also work really well.
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Tennis4Toddlers is a fun, structured introduction to tennis for children 3-5. If you want to find out more about the company click here.
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