Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Can the children play tennis at three years of age or are they too young really?

A – At three years children learn how to grip the racket and hit the ball using racket skills and exercises like floor tennis. We teach under and over arm throws and catches which are great for ball sense, which is the most important tennis technique foundation. Children also learn proper stroke technique and the T4T method has ways of teaching good technique. We are able to get success with groundstrokes regardless of the childs natural talent, using our unique coaching aids.


Q – Can children start at a younger age than three?

A – Yes we do get two year old children attending and it is great if they can come along with a parent who can assist them. The Saturday morning sessions are ideal for this as both parents can often be on hand to assist, although one parent is ideal.


Q – Do the children need to bring their own rackets?

A – No as all T4T providers have rackets to lend out, it is better to borrow a racket and then find out the best size for your child before buying and getting the wrong size, this happens.


Q – Do parents need to attend with the children and stay present?

A – It is best for the parents to join in, as they too will learn how to train their child which is useful should they wish to drop down with their child and practice without a coach. If children are very young or need to be controlled, we will ideally need a parent present, initially at least. Most parents enjoy the session with their child and join in whether still needed or not.


Q – What do the children need to wear?

A – Just comfortable clothing and shoes to play in, nothing serious like whites and tennis shoes, but they are welcome to come in all the gear!


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